At NuRev Group we believe that all businesses should have the opportunity to thrive. We help our clients achieve growth through the thoughtful planning and execution of marketing and business strategies that deliver measurable results.

Why NuRev

Many companies begin in traditional or digital media, then grow into the other. We were founded with both in mind, with a depth of experience in branding, development and data.

We measure ourselves by results. In fact, we constantly measure, test and then measure again. We are built by a very strong team that specializes in cross platform solutions.

That means every touch point in our company holds ourself highly accountable to our clients success. We do not operate in silos, but in union with you, our entire team and the needs and behaviors of your customers.

An agency? You could call us that. But what we offer is much more substantial.

Contact us to initiate a conversation and see how we elevate, adjust and measure up.

Our Team

David Vanden Hull

David Vanden Hull - Managing Partner/CEO

As an experienced marketing and sales professional, David brings over 18 years of knowledge to businesses to help them achieve growth. He is well versed in creating and managing traditional media and direct marketing campaigns, running successful online advertising campaigns, creating business efficiencies through the use of web and technology and growing traditional distribution sales networks. He has worked with organizations in a variety of industries across the U.S. to help them succeed. When not researching or keeping up on the latest marketing trends and innovations, David spends his time with his wife and three boys. He enjoys camping, fishing, and his boys’ recreational activities. Nothing brings him greater joy than watching his children grow and succeed.

Joseph Pender

Joseph Pender - Web Developer/Designer

As an experienced Full-Stack Software Developer, specializing in the design and development of web and mobile applications, Joey is able to bring our customers' digital visions and asperations to life. He has worked with our clients to create beautiful, customer friendly websites that function well accross all devices along with custom digital and web applications to fit a variety of client business needs. Skilled in PHP, Go, Javascript, Swift, WordPress, Web Design, Full-Stack Development, and HTML. Strong media and communication professional with a Associate of Science - AS focused in Information Technology.

Bailey Brooker

Bailey Brooker - Digital Media Manager

Bailey is a journalist-turned-marketer passionate about combining storytelling and digital media to create targeted content. She believes when the combination is used strategically, it gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to grow and succeed.

Prior to becoming a Digital Media Specialist, Bailey was a news producer for the ABC News affiliate in Sioux City, where she acquired four years of media production experience and a background in website and digital media management.

As an Emmy-nominated journalist, connecting with the masses is something she does best. When not glued to her computer, Bailey enjoys hikes and adventures with her two dogs and boyfriend.

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